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What Decides the Capacity of an Air Purifier

As with any other electronic gadget, one should always do some background work before buying an air purifier. There are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration before you invest on an air purifier. You should need to know what kind of purifier you need - an ionic or a HEPA, which brand to go for, what kind of warranty you are looking for, etc.

One of the most crucial factors while deciding to buy a particular air purifier would be the size of your room. The size of the room dictates the capacity of the air purifier you are going to need. So it always makes sense to know the dimensions of the room before you go shopping for an air purifier. The process of purifying the air inside a room using a purifier involves the exchange of air in the room several times within an hour. So the size of the room has a direct bearing on the kind of purifier you require.

That the air is exchanged several times over is because the air inside already has a lot of pollutants in it. To clear it of 80% of the contaminants, we need to exchange the air several times over. Once we reduce the contaminants by over 80 % the function of the purifier becomes to maintain the purity of the air present indoors. The number of air exchanges taking place every hour depends on the quality of the filter too.

The better the filter, the less number of air exchanges will you require. Generally the number of air exchanges will vary from anything between 2 to 8 each hour. However, 2 air exchanges an hour can be possible with only the most effective HEPA air purifiers.

Another thing that decides the number of air exchanges is the amount of activity inside the room. If there are children or pets in the family the air purifier needs to work extra time. With less activity inside the room the easier will it be on the purifier.

Sharper Image Ionic Breeze GP comes with an additional UV lamp which helps to tackle the problem of germs. Being an ionic purifier it is relatively quieter, and it also comes with a five year warranty. The Sharper Image Ionic Breeze GP has been approved by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America to be specially effective against airborne allergens and irritants including dust mite allergen, pet dander and cigarette smoke.

The air purifier is becoming a regular gadget in an American household. Chances are, you will be buying one soon, that is, if you have not already. So before you buy one it is better that you have a grip on the intricacies of it. With proper information you will be making a prudent decision.

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