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Living on a Houseboat

The popularity of houseboats is gaining strength as time goes by, especially in the United States. They have become a primary option for families and friends who would want to take a break from their daily routines and try something new. Some people would take the idea of living in a houseboat on a whole different level and turning it into a way of life.

Houseboats are basically boats which have been modified or have been designed to be able to accommodate individuals or families who would want to live afloat waters. A houseboat is (as the name implies) a combination of a boat and a house and is primarily used for the purposes of dwelling. There are houseboats which have motors and can be used to travel, while other houseboats are stationary, usually tied-up to a single place.

Houseboats all over the world All over the world, houseboats are being patronized. There are countless numbers of styles and functions of houseboats. Some houseboats are permanent places of residence by local people, such as in Southeast Asia, while some houseboats are rented as vacation hotels. Houseboats are also popular in Kerala, India, where dense populations live by the Dal Lake. One can find the most exquisite and expensive houseboats in Europe, particularly in the waters of Amsterdam in Netherlands. Amsterdam is home to a number of houseboat- hotels which have become favorites of visiting foreigners.

Aside from these houseboat-hotels, there is an estimated 2,500 families are living in houseboats in Amsterdam. Down south, in Australia, houseboats are also well-known, especially in the River of Murray. One can find houseboats of different functions and sizes in this river. There are motorized and stationary houseboats here, some of which serve as primary residence while some are used as holiday shacks.

In U.K., the narrow boats, which traverse the canals, also serve as a dwelling place for some. One can even rent one of these boats if he needs a place to stay in for the night.

In the United States, houseboats have gained a stronghold. During the 1940s, the activity that is "houseboating" emerged as people tried to find more ways of being able to interact with water more. The modern concept of houseboating in the United States is said to have come from the waters of Lake Cumberland, which is located in Kentucky. Lake Union in Seattle is also a haven for houseboats. Living on a houseboat There are two main situations that come into play when thinking about living in a houseboat.

The first one is that an individual or a family would like to live on a houseboat for good. The next one is that someone is thinking about living on a houseboat for a vacation. Well, if one is thinking about living on a houseboat for good, he might as well try it first to see whether he would really want to live on a houseboat permanently or not. Living on a houseboat can be compared to a normal life in a subdivision or a rented apartment.

The basic activity, which is "dwelling' basically stays the same in different locations. However, there are many factors that come into play when you live on a houseboat. Safety and security are two main things that one has to consider when looking at a houseboat. Another issue is space, a houseboat may not be as spacious as the normal house in a subdivision, if you know what I mean.

Another important issue is access- when you live on a houseboat, you may have to transfer to a place which is far from other important places such as Wal-Mart or the convenience store. Other things like parking space, cost of transferring and the overall sturdiness o the houseboat should also be considered. One might need to go into a houseboat vacation to be able to appreciate the beauty of living in a houseboat and be able to make an objective assessment whether to live in one or not. There are many companies that are offering houseboats for vacation. Just make sure that you canvass as many companies as you can to be able to spend a nice time in the boat which you would prefer. Houseboats are nice.

Living in a houseboat is also a nice thing to think about, however, it is not meant for all people. Think about it thoroughly until your mind and your heart agrees with a specific decision.

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