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"Smart Appliances", connected to each other and to the Internet (in smart home), are controlled locally from a single or multiple locations within the house, or from any remote location via the Internet.

How Internet Gateways and Smart Appliances Will Transform Our Homes
The idea of smart home appliances communicating on the Internet via wireless or wireline connections has been around for almost the last 20 years. However, until this year the technology hasn't reached a level of efficiency to make the dream a reality. Until now, taking the component costs out of the products to make them affordable was a major stumbling block.
Appliances Get Smart
Maytag, General Electric, and Sunbeam all made announcements this week, cooking up visions of Web-enabled refrigerators and remotely monitored microwaves.
Home Control, Smart Home Appliances
Built-in communication capabilities , nowadays added to home appliances, are the enabler of a variety of new features, services and exciting usage models. These capabilities result in higher quality of life, cost saving, increased convenience and allow us to manage our time in higher efficiency.

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