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This Years Best Family Christmas DVD

One of the great benefits of the Christmas season is the wide variety of Christmas DVDs released to celebrate the season. There are new feature film DVDs released to provide family fun and entertainment and there are other DVDs released to help families get more out of the holiday season. One of this year's best new Christmas DVDs is "Family Time with Santa.

" This multiple award winning countdown to Christmas DVD features twelve separate episodes for the entire family to watch. In addition to giving great learning lessons to children, the best part of this DVD is that it provides both entertainment and family fun time for the Christmas season. Each of the twelve episodes gives a six to nine minute nighttime activity for families to participate in together.

Each episode entertains with a depiction of fun activities presented by Santa, including: Firehouse, Taffy Factory, and a Boat Tale. While entertainment value is high, the major benefit of this collection is that it provides twelve nights of family fun and bonding. Children will enjoy the learning fun and Christmas cheer from Santa and his helpers, and parents will love the chance to expand Christmas into twelve nights of family time. This great DVD collection has 15 different awards for Children's Entertainment, Concept, Design Creativity and Originality, from various organizations. It is an extremely innovative way to countdown the days to Christmas. The final days to Christmas are often an exciting and anxious time for young children.

With the "Family Time with Santa" DVD, parents can give their children twelve nights of family fun and help ease some of the anxiety for Christmas morning, while at the same time building up the hopes and dreams of the little ones. Another great benefit to parents with this DVD is that each episode begins by helping children go through their regular night time routines. Santa will help ease some of the pressure on parents during the busy Christmas season by ensuring that your children have completed their chores, brushed their teeth, and are ready for bed before he begins discussing that night's hobby.

With all of the traditional Christmas options available to parents, very few offer the same great value gained from the "Family Time with Santa" DVD. Families will enjoy twelve exciting nights of Christmas fun with Santa and children will be blessed with lifetime memories with each night's activities.

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