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The Secrets of the Bed in a Bag Revealed

Does your bedroom need a makeover? Use the ever popular bed in a bag. However, you might not be familiar with the components of a bed in a bag set. So here we've provided you not only a listing of the various bed in a bag components ? Comforter , Pillow Sham, Bed Skirt, Throw Pillow, Pillow Case and Sheet, but also a brief description of each. The Bed in a Bag Revealed The Comforter A comforter is a blanket that's rectangular and generally used for warmth.

Comforters can be filled with various material, including polyester, wool, or down. Often, the choice of material is based on allergic considerations as many people suffer feather allergies. The covering can be composed of materials such as cotton or silk. Thread counts vary but higher thread counts generally cost more.

(Note that despite semantics, comforter bed in bag sets and bed in bag sets are the same thing ? they both contain comforters). The Pillow Sham A pillow sham is similar to a pillow case in that it covers the pillow. It can range from extremely intricate and fancy, including tassels and lace, to a dark, solid color. Keep in mind that the latter doesn't necessarily go with cheap bed in bags as the design can be as much a matter of taste as money. Materials span silk to cotton.

Remember that a pillow sham is decorative only, meaning you don't sleep on a pillow sham. Its purpose is to make the bedroom look nice. The Bed skirt The bed skirt's role is to hide the box spring, both giving a complete look to the bed as well covering up any items that might be hidden under the bed. It is traditionally made out of cotton and extends from under the mattress to the floor. While the bed skirt is often a plain solid color, it can have an intricate design.

Because the bed skirt often matches, in color, the comforter, bed in bag sets bring a sense of continuity to your bedding. The Throw Pillow You would use the throw pillow for show only. Unlike the sleeping pillow, the throw pillow is comprised of intricate patterns and colors that bring personality and style to the room as well as accent your bedroom colors. Appearances vary from throw pillow to throw pillow as they come in various shapes and sizes. Note that not all bed in a bag sets come with throw pillows.

They generally accompany the higher end, or more expensive, sets. The cheap bed in bags, however, can also add to the overall appearance of your bedroom. The Pillow Case and Sheet Pillow cases and sheets protect the pillows and mattresses, respectively. They come in various thread counts and styles, from solid to print and even plaid. Generally speaking, the pillow cases and sheets are closely coordinated in appearance.

The sheets are either fitted, meaning they hold closely to the mattress with elastic material sewn into the sheet, or loose, meaning that the ends of the sheet are tucked under the mattress. One of the benefits of a bed in a bag is that all these materials come together in?you guessed bag ? from pillow cases to comforter. Bed in a bag sets save you the time it would take to shop for each item individually. They can also save you money as bed in bag sets run from under $100 for cheap bed in bags to over $200 for the more expensive ones.

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