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The Chainsaw Worlds Lesser Lights Are On The Move

While Husqvarna and Stihl have long been regarded the giants of the chainsaws world, lesser known brands such as Jonsered, Echo, Poulan and McCullogh have gradually been chipping away at their dominance. Better technology and growth in the semi professional use of chainsaws have seen more market opportunities open up for the lesser lights. This report will offer a brief insight into the world of the smaller chainsaws manufacturer and hopefully offer you, the user, more choice before you decide to buy. Jonsered Jonsered is part of the Electrolux group of companies. It is no minnow.

It first emerged as a possible player in the chainsaw industry in 1954 when it produced a prototype for what we know today as a one operator saw. It was a revolutionary move over 50 years ago and not many people realise chainsaws were machine monsters back then and had to be operated by at least two people. Now servicing both the professional and non professional, Jonsered is always on the cutting edge of technology.

For example, their turbo chainsaw range have provided users with an easier to start machine and enhanced safety features. They have been around a long time, in fact since the 1880's as a power tool processor and during the last half century, have been silently "snapping at the heels" of the major players in the chainsaw industry. Echo As with most Japanese produced products, Echo chainsaws have all the trademark dependability and performance reliability we've come to expect. Echo is the largest chainsaw manufacturer in Japan and has made massive inroads on the world wide stage during the past three decades. It was once stated Echo produces just about the most appreciated chainsaw on the market.

Why? Because their no fuss approach has seen it's machines do what they were designed to do. cut. Their best known feature is their enormous power to size ratio. An excellent example of this is the marvellous CS - 440.

Woodcutters have described it as dynamite in a small apt description. Poulan Another under the Electrolux group, the Poulan name is synonomous with power tools. Once independently owned and set up by one of the chainsaw industy's pioneers, Claude Poulan, the brand name has come a long way during the past 60 years. It has an interesting history, in fact, it's known Claude Poulan came up with the idea of a smaller power-driven chainsaw after watching prisoners fumble around with the massive machines of the early years during service in World War 2. In fact, his idea to replace the pry-pole operator virtually caused a revolution in the forestry industry.

Poulan often shares it's technologies with Husqvarna as part of the Electrolux banner and have developed a very loyal band of supporters. New improvements which have included the SuperClean system have earnt Poulan a strong reputation for producing durable chainsaws. McCullough And Homelite Mccullough and Homelite are always highly spoken of in the chainsaw industry. McCullough has been providing woodcutters with excellent chainsaw products for more than 60 years. They specialise in both the gas and electric machines as well as lightweight and heavy duty chainsaws. Homelite has been around since 1921.

It has built a reputation for being innovative and has a long list of achievements in close to 90 years, to back up their claims. In fact, it was "dabbling" in electric chainsaws as far back as the mid 1940's. Homelite has been a major player in producing environmentally safe machine technology. While Husqvarna and Stihl will be hard to "knock off their perch" as the frontrunners in chainsaw manufacturers, the above mentioned brands are just some which provide consumers with buying options.

Dean Caporella is a professional broadcaster. Are Stihl and Husqvarna your favorite brands? Meet some of the lesser known chainsaw manufacturers making an impact. Plus, read the latest chainsaw news and reviews at:

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