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Stylish Shower Doors To Make Your Bathroom Look Great

Enhance your bathroom with a new shower door, you'll be surprised at the difference it makes - the entire style of a bathroom can be changed with that door. There is quite a choice of doors on the market right now. Some of them come with ornate frames - others have some really attractive glass patterns. You can even get frame-less frameless doors if you want a more streamlined look.

Shower doors come in a range of sizes so you should be able to find one for your bathroom improvement job. Different Door Styles Decide whether you want a framed or a frame-less shower door. Framing on a shower door shows all around the edges of the glass. Frame-less doors leave the glass to speak for itself. Next, you should decide the most convenient way of getting in and out of your shower. A by-pass for instance is where two doors slide past one another.

Pivot points located at the top and bottom of the shower connect pivot doors. Hinged doors are usually narrower, up to 36 inches they offer more room for getting in and out of the shower. In-fold and bi-fold doors fold into or away from the shower area. If these don't suit then there are other options. You can get a custom made shower door if that's what you want. These will include an array of different frame finishes and glass styles.

Options for Glass and Frame There are plenty of different glass styles and frame finishes choosing from if you are buying a new shower door. Most stores have a variety of different colored glass. They may have a frosted appearance or come with custom sandblasting. Classic crystal clear options are also available - what this means is that no tint is applied to the glass.

Run your fingers across the surface of showroom glass selections. There are plenty of different patterns to choose from. Popular options include rain, glacier and steam mist themes. Reed patterns have an interesting visual texture, and a textured feel to them. There are a variety of frames on offer; some have a solid brass trim with a variety of plated finishes. Polished brass and satin brass are popular choices.

You may find polished brass frames paired with colored glass. Combination shower door options come in chrome on brass, as well as polished nickel on brass. As home design continues to evolve, there will be more shower door options on offer. Popular trends in specialized doors include easy-to-clean trackless doors. Installing the Door There are two ways to approach installing a new shower door - either do it yourself or get a professional.

The first option, a do-it-yourself project, is generally more cost efficient - providing you know what you are doing. Some doors are easier to install than others as they have easy to follow directions. Installation manuals are usually provided with do-it-yourself door kits. If there is no manual available, they can be found on the Internet, but check before you buy.

If you have no interest in getting involved in the installation process, then hire someone to complete the job. Professional installation services are sometimes offered by the store where you purchased your doors. This is not always the case though and that means that you need to find someone who is trained in shower door installation. A nice place to start is to search the Yellow Pages. Call a few places and ask them how much they charge.

Another way to find a reputable professional is to ask your friends and family. You never know when you might find a competent handy-person in your social circle. Summary: When you are ready for a change in your bathroom, consider installing a shower door. You can complete this project on your own or hire a professional. Before installing, you will have to choose from a wide range of available options. Some aspects of choosing a shower door include glass designs and frame styles.

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