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Scrapbook Card Making Auction Ideas

You don't even need to leave home to have a ready and willing market of keen buyers for your creative efforts at eBay. I like doing things with handmade mulberry paper. My latest creative effort has been applying a layer of handmade mulberry paper on a plain card. I add a lacy edge to the mulberry paper and make an aperture in it before affixing to the card.

I sell them in lots of 8 and they usually sell quickly on eBay. I could never have found these buyers 10 years ago. We both benefit. If you have a paper product you love creating a great place to test the market is eBay.

Be sure if your objective is to make money that you factor in the amount of time each piece takes to make unless you can papercraft as a hobby. It can be a real challenge to find items you can create that are profitable to sell. If you want to make a living online try creating a range of items. You will want to research the market by having a good look at what is selling at the moment and what the range of prices are for the products you like. Have a really good study of the sections where people are selling their own handmade pieces. If you like card toppers have a good look at what is being sold and the prices.

You will want to create a product that is not too complicated. Simple but stylish are probably what you want to aim for. You can either work with what you already have in materials or you may need to top up your resources. I am sure you will have no problem coming up with ideas.

Remember-time is important. It needs to be cost effective and not take up a large amount of time. The cost of the materials is usually very small if you use up bits and pieces that you already have.

People have amazed themselves by trying this. It will bring out the artist in you. You can always keep the pieces you make for your scrapbook and card making or you can set up a business selling them. You are not confined to eBay remember. There are lots of other places you can sell your items.

You could have a website where you sell them and you can supply shops if you were able to make large quantities. Finding your own niche within papercrafting is something you will do over time. Just enjoy what you do. If there is an opportunity to take classes in new papercrafting techniques that is a great way to spend time.

You will never run out of new things to learn in papercrafting. You will never know it all. If there are no classes in your area and you have the experience why not see if there are enough people in your area to start your own class? You will meet lots of people with the same interests and can share ideas.

You can also help other people learn papercrafting who know nothing about it. You could have a different focus for each meeting. You could have some papercraft technique evenings and some for scrapbooking. The important thing is to enjoy what you are doing. To make money from papercrafting- either scrapbooking or card making- look out for what people want but can not find. This might be unique card toppers.

These can be used in scrapbooking as well. Give thought to what you would like to design and for inspiration you could look in current papercraft magazines. There has never been a better time to benefit from creative papercraft. There are lots of options for selling products and services that did not exist until recently. That will only get better.

You have theluxury of creating a masterpiece in paper today and selling to someone in another part of the world tomorrow. You have a choice of staying local or selling internationally. The choice is yours. Remember, if it was easy then everyone would do it but it isn't that hard either.

The possibilities are huge and they get larger every day.

Making a living from papercrafting in has been the choice of Karen O'Donnell for the last 4 years. For more than 25 ways of marketing scrapbook and card making products and services:

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