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Personalising a new home

Moving house is always traumatic. The upheaval of packing boxes, carefully protecting your precious possessions and entrusting all to a removal company lorry is full of angst but it all becomes worth it when you finally arrive at your new home. Or does it? As you stand in your new hallway and look around at the blank walls and bare floors. As you walk through empty echoing rooms or sit surrounded by boxes the feeling of loss can be overpowering.

Fortunately it doesn't last long. Suddenly you will feel an overpowering urge to make the place your own. A new house is always sterile and characterless; so about this time the average person starts thinking about colour charts and carpets and long conversations with decorators and builders. It doesn't generally take long before the new house starts to look like a home but invariably there is something very important missing. That 'special something' is your memories.

Now is the time to add something special to your home. Interior designers know that one of the quickest ways to make a place feel like home is to hang pictures. Not just any pictures but carefully chosen photographs of people and places that are really special to you. Think about the things that are important in your life. Family and friends will be at the top of your list followed by places you love. Take a minute to look out your old family photos.

Get them scanned and printed properly and you will be amazed at how good they can look on your walls. If you really loved your old house then why not take a little of your old home with you when you move? Carefully chosen images of your old neighbourhood (and maybe your old neighbours!) will make a lasting reminder of the good times you shared. If you are concerned that a simple photograph may not look as sophisticated as you would like then think again. These days there are companies which can take your basic digital image, edit and enhance it and turn it into a real piece of art.

By printing your image onto canvas or textured art paper rather than conventional matt or gloss you can end up with an heirloom. But that isn't the whole story - you can also use distinctive images to personalise your space in other ways. If you have a room that is slightly darker than you might like then use a brightly coloured photo to lift the highlights.

Go out with your digital camera and capture a brilliant autumn woodland scene with oranges and yellows or maybe use a seascape from your last summer holiday complete with the sun shining on the water. From the grottiest bedsit to the grandest stately home; no matter where you move it won't take long before you make the place your own, but always remember that you can stamp your personality on new home simply by using personal pictures. Just use your imagination and no matter what images you choose your new home will soon look absolutely fantastic. Enjoy!.

Interior design and the photograph go together like that famous horse and carriage, and as Learntodream offer the very highest quality photographic printing service you can imagine, the marriage between them and the world of interior design was made in heaven. So when you have a new home and want to make the inside just you, think about having one of your own digital photos enlarged. See their site at and check out the possibilities for yourself.

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