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Parenting for Dummies Do You Have the Backbone for Parenting

Parenting should be a time of giving positive instruction, influence and direction to our children. It should be a time when we are determined to teach our children values, morals and principles that will cause them to be children God would be pleased with. Why is it that many parents are allowing their children to make decisions that they are not capable of making at their young age? Why it is that many parents are allowing their children to indulge in sex and alcohol while validating it right before their very own eyes? A lot of these parents feel that a child will do what they want to do anyway, so why not cover them with approval for illicit sex and drugs? I can't conceive in my thinking how an adult that is responsible for raising a child would succumb to the suggestive, lustful and luring of our society? Yes, I know our children will venture out and explore even in spite of your stern instruction and advice. I even know they will do many things we will not be pleased with.

It's all a part of growing up. One main thing I do know is as a parent, I would NEVER validate promiscuity and/or illegal and underage activities that could lead them into a lifestyle of destruction. I share with my girls ? so what if Sally Sue's mom allows her to have sex at her own house. I also share with them who cares that dazzling Diane is allowed to stay out till 5:00 o'clock in the morning at the young age of 16 years old. It is really sad to hear that Marvelous Mary's parents bought her a brand new BMW just because - and she misses an average of two days a week from school.

We need to set standards for our children like never before that will not only promote good ethics, but good character and conduct for a quality life. They should be learning to live a life where you know you have to work for success and achieve great things through persistence. Letting our children know we shouldn't be doing certain things just because it's popular among the crowd is a strong parenting tool.

There is just too many parents allowing their children to do what they want to do for the simple fact, they do not want any challenges or conflicts. I have had many conflicts and I am sure there will be more to come. However I refuse to standby and allow my daughters on my behalf disrespect what we value as respectable and quality living.

As parents we shouldn't let a child dictate to us what they will and will not do. They will not care for a lot of our decision making, however they will get over it. If we mess up, we have to be willing to apologize or explain what our intent was. A lot of times they will hate our guts, but I truly believe they will respect what we stood for as they age and mature. Our children are precious gifts from God and they should be treated and guided into the best direction that we can provide them.

Don't cave in or give up on parenting. Most of all don't be responsible for your children going down a wrong path of life at an early age because you didn't want to say NO! Copyright (c) 2007 Iris Shamble.

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