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Niche Products for Your Quilting Business

Some people love quilts but don't feel like they have enough talent to sell the quilts they make. They sometimes don't feel comfortable basing their quilting business around sharing their quilting knowledge. If you are one of those people, you can still own your own quilting business! All quilters need accessories. Your quilting business could be selling those accessories or niche products geared specifically toward quilters. There are common accessories that come to mind immediately: scissors, threads, fabrics, etc.

You could sell those items on an Internet auction site or start your own online store. With a little research, even someone with very little computer experience can get an online store up and running. Maybe you would choose to offer only one accessory in your quilting business. You could start a quilting business that focuses on selling fabric fat quarters. You could also start a quilting business that sells nothing but threads. Advertise this type of business on other websites, such as quilting how-to sites, and quilting newsletters.

Another niche idea to help you start a quilting business is to sell a novelty product that quilters would love. For instance, sell custom pin cushions. Sale online and at craft shows. You could also sell patterns for dolls or toys that are quilted. If you have sewing skills, you could sew and sell the toys and dolls.

A small classified ad in a craft or sewing magazine or newsletter should get the results you need for your quilting business. Also, think about advertising online with quilting and sewing newsletters. If you are sewing the toys yourself, try selling them at craft shows.

If the only thing you love more than quilting is a particular holiday, try combining your two passions into a quilting business. If you love Christmas, start a quilting business in which you sell quilted Christmas décor. Quilted ornaments, tree skirts, stockings and other decor are very popular. No matter what your favorite holiday, you can create quilted decorations to sell.

Advertise online on quilting and sewing newsletters and use a small classified ad in a magazine. These items are also great to sell at craft shows or from your very own website business. Advertising your quilting business does not have to be expensive.

Remember, the idea is to start your quilting business on a shoestring budget. Plenty of newspapers offer free classified advertising. Give those a try. Don't overlook free online classifieds, too.

Join free online groups. Look for groups that relate to your particular quilting business. For instance, if your business is selling patterns for quilted toys, you will undoubtedly think about joining a group for quilters.

Don't forget other target groups like stay-at-home and work-at-home moms, etc. Think about the people who would likely use your product/service. Be sure to follow the group's rules. Some specifically state that products cannot be sold on their group sites.

Usually, those sites do allow a "signature" in which your name is followed by your business website. Having your name followed by your website is good free advertising! If you subscribe to a quilting or sewing newsletter, send them a press release when you start your quilting business. Press releases generate free publicity. Even if the newsletter does not use your information in its entirety, you could get a little mention somewhere. Always include your contact information -- a phone number, email address or website. Don't foget to contact your favorite newsletters to see if they accept advertising.

Getting a link on your favorite site will undoubtedly reach other subscribers who share your interests!.

Penny Halgren Penny has been a quilter for more than 27 years. She enjoys exploring all aspects of quilting and sharing her knowledge with all quilters. Resources for quilters of all levels, are available at .

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