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Large Clocks Use Large Wall Clocks to Decorate those Tall Spaces

Nothing Looks Good. Your spouse has been trying to help you for hours but just can't seem to make that one large wall look like it should. I agree it's tough sometimes. What you need is help from an old friend.

Large antique production clocks can provide that centerpiece in a sea of blank wall. Large wall clocks have become one of the hottest trends in decorating. Timeworks Incorporated started the latest buzz about antique reproduction clocks that boasted clock faces recreated from actual antique clocks. Starting around 1998 Timeworks introduced many large wall clocks ranging from 23 inch to 31 inches in diameter.

Many other companies followed like Howard Miller and Bulova and the big wall clock phenomenon was born. It's now fairy easy to find a nice larger wall clock for around $100-200. How does an average homeowner find the right clock? Number one is to review the size of the wall. This is mostly common sense but smaller walls should not have an extra large clock. Large, high ceiling walls do need a larger clock face to make the desired impact.

I do have to say that I have seen larger clock faces on smaller walls that look outstanding so, this rule doesn't always hold true. This large wall epidemic has really taken hold in the last ten years. Most all-new homes built have tall ceiling creating large walls that swallow décor.

The key to decorating large walls is to decorate with like themes around the chosen clock. Antique reproduction clock faces usually do not mix well with modern décor for example. A medium sized wall can usually use a 16-23 inch clock with chosen accents placed in close proximity. It is important not to center the clock with the other accents. An important rule of design is not to make a focal point centered.

A good example is the traditional fireplace mantel. The picture above the mantle looks so much more attractive when the candles or other accents are placed to only one side. Furniture that is on the ground below the wall clock and accents can help to provide this design element.

Smaller wall clocks work real well in children's rooms and bathrooms. Here is where the themes can really come to play. Let's say your son has a cowboy style room. It's very easy today to find cowboy themed clocks with moving pendulums.

The sky is the limit. Outdoor clocks have become very popular in the last five years. Bold styles ranging from 23 to 31 inches in diameter are often hung outside on the porch. This decorative approach can add an often-European flavor to the back door.

I have also seen a large stucco wall next to the pool become transformed with the addition of a large wall clock/thermometer combo. Be careful to choose the right style, as many clocks are not suitable for outdoor use. The large, tall walls in today's living rooms are fueling the popularity of the large wall clock. When you place a timepiece of this size on your wall I'm sure you will agree that there is no substitution for the large wall clock.

One of my favorite decorating stores is Kings River Home Decor. You can find many of the items that I write about at this store. Be sure to click on their huge Large Wall Clock section.

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