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Is it Time to Replace the Toilet Seat

Although the toilet seat may not be the most honored seat in the house, let's be honest—it's pretty important. If the toilet seat in your bathroom is chipped, stained or discolored from chemicals or time, consider purchasing a new one. You will be surprised at how this one small piece of "furniture" can set a new tone for the bathroom.

With a variety of colors, textures, shapes and special effects, shopping for a toilet seat may be more interesting than ever before. The Basics Before starting your search for the perfect toilet seat, keep in mind there are two basic shapes to choose from: round or oblong. This first thing you need to do is determine the size and shape of your toilet. Measure from the front of the bowl to the area between the screws at the back of the lid area.

A round toilet bowl is 16.5 inches and an oblong one is 18.5 inches. Okay, you could probably just "eyeball" it to find out if you have a round or oblong toilet, but using a tape measure makes it more official.

The second choice you should make to narrow down your toilet seat selections, is to decide if you want a plastic or wood seat. As with any product, there are pros and cons to each type and it will all come down to a matter of personal choice. Plastic toilet seats are usually cheaper, but they can crack or scratch. Wood seats are warmer on a chilly winter morning, but they may stain more quickly from cleaners. Although wood seats are more expensive, they will last longer, but plastic seats may offer more choices in colors, styles and textures.

As you can see, we've only just touched two areas of consideration and already the choices are adding up. Durability, comfort and ease of cleaning should also be factored into your choice of a toilet seat. Take some time to shop around and get the best price but don't sacrifice quality for a few dollars. A toilet seat is important; it's something you will use everyday, so choose carefully.

Special Seats If you want to go beyond the basics to something more unique, there are toilet seats to take you there. Some seats have automatic slow-closing lids, while others glow in the dark or have temperature controls. If you want a certain theme in your bathroom, choose from nautical or elegant or modern designs. Young children just learning to use the toilet will especially love the seats featuring cartoon characters. Perhaps some adults will like them too!.

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