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Important News about Buying Kitchen Cabinets

Important news about buying kitchen cabinets Before you invest money in a kitchen renovation or if you're buying kitchen cabinets for a new house, you should be aware of the big money saving changes involving kitchen cabinets. The biggest news is the explosion of RTA kitchen cabinets in the market place. RTA stands for ready to assemble and basically that is the only difference between an un-assembled cabinet and store bought cabinets. The RTA kitchen cabinet is fast becoming a popular search on the Internet and buying cabinets online has never been easier. The RTA cabinet is a ready-to-assemble cabinet that comes delivered in a box, with one page of instructions, and an easy camlock assembly.

This cam lock system only requires a screw driver and 5-10 minutes per cabinet. After the 2nd or 3rd cabinet you start to get into a rhythm. After you have learned how to put the cabinets together; the next thing you will notice is the sturdy construction of this product. The face frame and door(s) of the cabinets are real wood while the sides are solid plywood that is paneled and glued together.

After assembling, you will see that it is a well built cabinet that can last for years. I personally have RTA Oak Kitchen Cabinets in a rental unit that was installed in 1999 and they are still in great condition. These cabinets are not only great for rental units; I have the RTA Chestnut Maple cabinets in my kitchen at home and I continue to get favorable comments about the look and design. Be aware that not every RTA kitchen cabinet has the all wood design; you will find cheaper versions with particle board sides and cardboard backs.

Also, if you look at super stores like Home Depot and Lowes, you will find that most of their cabinets are made of fibre board. The same goes for the garbage that IKEA attempts to sell to the miss-informed consumer. The sell the shell of the cabinet really cheap, but then make you buy expensive doors and accessories (hinges, locks, etc.

) Thank fully you are reading this article and realizing that there is junk out there in the form of kitchen cabinets. But at the same time, there are direct importers, with websites and little overhead. Buying from these importers can offer huge savings and better quality. Don't just take my word for it, look online and compare prices. RTA kitchen cabinets are comparable in quality to any assembled cabinets in an equal price range.

After you see the price ranges, you will realize the savings. All you are doing is buying a pre-assembled cabinet, but you are literally saving up to 45% because you are taking the time to build them yourselves. Finally, maybe you're saying, "I still don't want to assemble these cabinets, but I want the savings". Well you're in luck. Contractors love these cabinets, because they are easy to assemble. So buy the cabinets yourself, find a contractor and tell him you have the RTA kitchen cabinets and you just need them installed.

You will avoid any contractor mark ups on supplies and you will have saved him a step which in turn will also save you money. Get shopping online and look for RTA kitchen cabinets.

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