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How stun guns can protect you and your family

In this day and time, the world is a continuous danger to navigate, no matter where you live. Crime is on the rise, and the television and newspapers are full of horror stories about particularly violent attacks which occurs every 22.7 seconds. Despite these figures, you can give yourself and your family some peace of mind by buying a stun gun for your protection.

Although the mere mention of the name "stun gun" might conjure up images of sci-fi movies and laser gun battles, stun guns are used every single day, here and now. Whether it's a part of military use when operating in close quarters or by the police if they need to subdue a particularly violent criminal who's resisting arrest, the effect of a stun gun is both instant and effective. The good news is that you can now buy consumer versions from online sources, which will offer you that extra protection from becoming a victim of crime yourself. Well, everyone's probably heard how the brain sends thousand of electrical charges to the body in order to carry out a chosen task. A stun gun works with these brain signals by inserting a high voltage of electricity into your body, counterbalancing the normal amount, resulting in the body's nervous system becoming confused. When this happens, it tends to shut down, and this is where the recipient of a stun gun charge usually becomes unconscious, or incapacitated.

Even though stun guns may seem dangerous in the fact that they are sending high levels of electricity through the attacker's body, stun guns are not lethal. They are made purely to bring an attacker down, not kill them. For this reason, the range of electric shock from a stun gun comes from high voltage and low amperage, ranging from 80,000 ? 975,000 volts, which is what makes the weapon safe to use (though perhaps not to any assailant). The electrical current will NOT pass to your body, even if the person being stunned touches you.

Here are two main types of consumer stun guns that are both effective in their own way: ? Standard handheld stun gun. This is the most common, and is the one you may be most familiar with, and it can be as small as a pager or as large as a baton. The smaller ones basically have a handle with two separate prongs, which normally requires one or two 9V batteries. The electricity is passed between the two prongs, and the gun works when pressed against your assailant. ? Flying taser stun guns.

Similar to the standard model, the difference hear is that instead of pressing the gun to your attacker, the prongs are detachable, and are connected to the gun by two wires that conduct the electricity through them. You simply point the gun at your target and press the trigger ? the prongs then fly out and attach themselves to whoever you've shot at. The great thing about stun guns, especially the standard handheld ones, is that they're so portable they can be used virtually anywhere.

However, the times when they may come in handy the most is if your wife or daughter is out late at night; or you have a babysitter for your children, and may wish to make them aware of your stun gun's location; or simply having one by your bedside, in case of any night-time intruders. Always remember, though, stun guns are not toys, and should be used both properly and sensibly.

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