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From Florist to Bride

The story I'm about to say may seem vaguely familiar. You can even recognize a movie! But that's another story. I work in the field of marriage, the only difference is that I am not a wedding planner! I am a florist. I like to be a florist and design new ideas for wedding bouquets. Here are some ideas for you. Did I mention I love fairytales? When I was a little girl with my long blonde ringlets and big blue eyes, I would pretend I was a princess! So, when I grew up, I decided to become a fairy godmother- of sorts.

A fairy godmother to brides! I help create girls' flowery fairy tale dreams. Don't you notice the beautiful flowers somewhere in the middle of each movie fairy tale? Flowers are always found in fairy tales. My specialty is colorful bridal bouquets.

Brides are usually too busy to make their own arrangements so I'm hired to do the bouquets for them! Many brides are perfectionists so its easier for them to just trust me to give them exactly what they want. To my amazement, my bridal bouquets have even been photographed and featured in popular bridal magazines! (Why is that amazing? Emma asks. "Why do you have such a hard time accepting your talent!") "One of my downfalls, I guess!" I yell back to Emma while laughing. Well, back to the shop, has no shortage of clientele. A few years ago, I hired Emma to help out with the arrangements.

I will probably hire an extra person during the holidays since we are so busy! Believe it or not, we actually have a waiting list for new brides wanting to hire me as their florist. Emma tells me I am modest. Too modest. No other florist in the city- wait, scratch that- no other florist in the state has a waiting list for brides! I just can't see myself the way Emma does. (Is that why someone spectacular is missing from my life? Do all men desire a woman who is so focused on her own greatness that she never notices his? It sure seems that way judging from the type of brides who come in the shop! Emma, if that is the truth, it explains why I'm not having any luck.) I'm so happy to be where I am at; I love my shop, but I refuse to become haughty because of it.

I made a promise to myself as a young girl. My dad told me I could accomplish my dreams; but he begged me to promise I wouldn't let all the money in the world change who I am. I told my dad I would not disappoint him. And I haven't! I followed my dreams; and I am still the same down to earth girl! (Even without someone spectacular in my life.) Trust me, my optimism does not guarantee me freedom from lonely days! Imagine working in an environment where you are constantly surrounded by happy brides who have all met Mr.

Right. Day, after day, after day! Welcome to my life. I love arranging bridal bouquets for weddings; sometimes I just wish the wives did not shine so. I know, I'm jealous. Can they contain some of their excitement? What am I talking about? Of course, they can't nor do they want to contain their excitement! This is the happiest day of their lives.

Do you see what this business is doing to me? I'm becoming a bitter woman!.

Le Rhee Bridal Bouquets can match your wedding colors for all kinds of flowers.

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