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Four Easy Tips On Selecting Your First Chainsaw

If a major disaster hit your area: I mean a disaster of mega proportions, would you have the tools and resources to complete emergency clean-up. Let's say you live in a hurricane-prone area and the "big blow" has hit and left a devastating mess; trees down, houses blown over etc. Hopefully you survived unscathed. Ever thought how important tools such as chainsaws are in these situations? Okay, let's hope you never have to live through the nightmare of a disaster but the chainsaw theory kept "bugging me" enough to put this article together on some quickfire tips in selecting a saw, especially for inexperienced users thinking long and hard about purchasing their first machine. Did You Know? Chainsaws are responsible for at least 36,000 injuries a year.

Yes, deaths occur each year relating to chainsaw accidents so complacency when using them is not a good idea. In fact, the chainsaw is regarded as the most dangerous power tool on the planet. Selecting Your First Saw 1.

If you only intend to use your machine spasmodically then think small, particularly if the intended work load is light. Talk to your chainsaw dealer about your requirements. Avoid over-capitalising; in other words, if you only intend on clearing brush then you are not going to need the biggest saw on the market. 2.

Stick with the major brands. Stihl and Husqvarna are the manufacturing leaders and you would be hard pressed to go wrong selecting one of their products. Depending in which part of of the world you live, will have a big bearing on what you select. Husqvarna is more popular in some areas and Stihl in others.

In fact, both have devoted "followers" so it may pay to get an unbiased opinion. 3. Gas or electric chainsaw? Good question and in the end it's a matter of preference. Gas has the advantage of cutting more quickly than an electric chainsaw and there is no chord to worry about. In using gas saws, less pressure will be required on the user because of their faster chain speeds.

On the other hand, electric chainsaws are lighter and easier to handle. Gas machines are prone to be noisier and requiring regular tuning. 4.

Safety is a big issue. Chain brakes are an obvious safety measure in relation to what is termed as kickback. A number of deaths that occur each year to chainsaw accidents result from kickback related incidents.

Antivibration systems are almost a must on gas machines because of their heavier nature as opposed to the electric chainsaw. Safety gear such as eyewear and clothing are a must and some chainsaw models allow chain tension to be tightened without the use of tools. There is a lot to consider when choosing a chainsaw. If you live in a disaster prone area then you may want to consider having a saw in the tool shed.

The irony is that despite it's "dangerous tool" tag, the chainsaw could very prove to be a life saver.

Dean Caporella is a professional broadcaster. Get tips on selecting your firstchainsawplus the latest chainsaw news and reviews at:

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