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Floral Art Tapestries as Modern Wall Dcor

If you are interested in adding an elegant touch to your home décor without losing your contemporary edge, you might want to consider decorating your walls with floral tapestries. These classic works of art use various plants and flower arrangements to convey a timeless serenity, while at the same time allowing one the flexibility of incorporating modern accents into a design theme. The right still life tapestry can blend seamlessly with a room's furniture and accessories (such as lamps and other lighting fixtures), while at the same time providing the perfect visual enhancement to offset contemporary surroundings. Floral tapestries have a way of establishing a sense of balance in a room, perhaps because they remind us of an inherent need to be grounded in the natural and organic.

Why Are Flowers Contemporary? At first glance, it's easy to understand why some floral tapestries may almost seem unsuitable for the modern home. After all, many elaborate original tapestries were woven in centuries past and now reside in historical European museums. Cultures all over the world have embraced floral still life art for centuries in different ways, for different reasons. But one could also argue that it is precisely this diversity of appreciation that has lent itself well to contemporary applications.

Keep in mind that modern interior design tends to focus on creating space and light. If you choose a floral tapestry with bright and natural colors, the openness of the contemporary theme is highlighted. Another way to understand the appeal of floral still life in contemporary culture is to understand the complex philosophical and sociological issues the modern world faces. For many, a floral tapestry can offer a metaphorical glimpse into the human condition. Flowers are often viewed as representing an inescapable frailty, while simultaneously providing a sense of hope and optimism.

A Wide Assortment of Choices Incorporating floral still life tapestries into your contemporary design theme does not mean that you have to sacrifice individuality when developing a modern feel. In fact, quite the opposite is true. The open, airy nature of many modern and post-modern themes means that the tapestry you choose can reflect whatever you want it to reflect. There are so many combinations and choices available on the market that you should have no problem finding a piece that not only encompasses your personality and individual style, but also retains the spacious, open characteristics of contemporary design.

The Ivy Column Consider a portrait such as the Ivy Column tapestry, which combines all the significant elements of contemporary design into a vivid display of ambient surrealism. Sunlight shines on a country house with a stunning array of colorful foliage surrounding it. The inclusion of the pond in this portrait only further solidifies the sense that all forms of nature are represented in the piece.

In essence, this piece has it all ? that is, something for everyone. Complexity in Openness A range of complex personalities can be accurately represented in pieces such as the Ivory Mural tapestry, the Floral Decadence tapestry, and the classic Directoire tapestries. These remarkable works of art manage to capture the bright, cheerful colors associated with many contemporary designs, yet the intricate floral patterns and organic settings are likely to inspire and challenge the thinking person's awareness for years to come. Beauty in Simplicity On the other hand, some people believe less is more ? an equally valid assertion in modern design preferences.

The Prestige (Dawn) tapestry and the Prestige (Midday) tapestry are both perfect examples of how the focus on a simple tree can speak volumes. These tapestry portraits allow the imagination to run wild in the fantasy world depicted by the artists who developed them. The natural landscapes depicted in these pieces exist nowhere in the actual world, yet it is not at all difficult to image that they could. The viewer is drawn in to the simplicity of a single tree, yet the artist manages to capture other faint still life images of birds and plant life in the background.

The approach is both subtle and effective. Combining the Simple and the Complex Perhaps among the most effective representations in floral tapestries are those which draw upon all of the elements we have discussed. For example, the Classical Rose tapestry is conceptually straightforward ? in essence, a vase of roses. Upon deeper examination, however, it becomes clear that the artist's use of light and choice of background provide a depth and clarity to the piece that touches the soul on a much more substantive level. Modern Décor and Floral Tapestries The elegant yet uncomplicated concept of a flower arrangement has been the motif of many still life artists throughout time.

These works have been faithfully reproduced in the tapestry world, and they represent an incredible assortment of selections one can employ when developing a contemporary design theme. Floral still life tapestries can contribute to the bright and spacious nature of modern design, while at the same time providing viewers with an intriguing experience that requires an intensity of concentration to fully comprehend and appreciate. Copyright © The Tapestry House, all rights reserved. This is Free-Reprint article from The Tapestry House. Our terms are: Please leave copyright statement intact Please publish author info including links Please do not use the article in unsolicited emails Please keep all links intact and "as is" - no embedded keyword advertising You can contact us at

David Burr writes on a number of subjects, including history and tapestry & textile art. He divides his time between writing and the Tapestry House.

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