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Do It Yourself Remodeling Choosing Bathroom Cabinetry

There are several options when choosing the bathroom cabinetry for your next do it yourself remodel project. Here is a summary of a few alternatives:

For the true do it yourselfer, there are the big box store vanities sold off the shelf that require assembly. They are typically laminate finish and come in standard sizes and colors. This is the least expensive alternative if you have any carpentry experience.

You will generally need to purchase the vanity top and sink bowl separately.

If you have precise rough in location of your vanity plumbing, you can install a pedestal sink with much ease. You will need to install blocking in the wall to hold the vanity. There is little margin of error for the plumbing with this style of vanity because it is visible.

You can also purchase pre-assembled laminate or paint grade wood cabinets. These cabinets may come packaged with the top and sink, or you may need to purchase and install these separately. This type of cabinetry comes in standard sizes and colors.

A great alternative that is simple and can character to your project is the furniture style vanity that comes fully assembled with the top and sink, and a large cut out in the back for plumbing.

This vanity style is very simple to install, and does not require any special plumbing. The quality varies widely on these cabinets, so do your research and purchase from a reputable company.

There are also contemporary wall mount vanities that can provide storage space, or glass vanities that have exposed plumbing. If you have some carpentry experience, converting a piece of furniture into a vanity by adding a glass or stone vessel sink can be a unique addition to your project.

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