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Creating a Stimulating Bedroom Environment for Your Child with Space Saving Kid Furniture

Now you can make your child's bedroom into a stimulating environment that will help them grow from babes into a mature child capable of fully entertaining themselves by exploring the world in which they live. Their bedroom environment can actually help them grow, not only physically, but also mentally. When it comes time to decide how to furnish their bedroom, you have a unique opportunity to create this exciting and stimulating environment for your child.

Here are some ideas that might help you do this. Bedroom furniture should be a combination of fantasy and reality. For very young children, the difference between the two is a fine line which you can make the most of.

A combination of small, kid sized furniture and regular sized furniture is manageable to a young mind. Children love a place that is sized for them and they where they are not always reminded of being little. Sofas and Chairs that a small and made of foam are available. These come in colorful, imaginative prints and are not overly expensive. An added benefit is some of these open out into an off-the-floor cozy bed for your child's "sleep-over" friends.

Your child can move and rearrange these all by themselves because they are so light weight. Usually stressful on parents, sleepovers will be easier and more fun filled if you are prepared with appropriate bedding beforehand. There are many types of fold-out form furniture - foam loungers, foam sofa-sleepers, and futons that already on a moments notice. Every one loves a rocking chair, especially mom and dad. Beanbag chairs and loungers are more suitable for children - comfortable and sized for them.

Beanbags will conform to a child's body shape as they sit in it, giving support to the lower back, shoulders, and arms. You can purchase beanbag chairs and couches in many styles, as well as stimulating colors, numerous textures, and zillions of prints. There are stars and moon patterns, or wild animal designs. Wet-look vinyl is a popular style, or perhaps furry, while others come in pastel or bright colors. Some beanbags are even shaped like a horse or elephant.

My children and grandchildren love these animal character beanbags. Foam furniture and beanbags are lightweight making them easy for your child to move and rearrange themselves. Such independence!! Which ever you choose, beanbags or foam furniture, be sure to purchase the type with hidden, cloth-covered zippers that make it easy to remove the cover for washing.

Most zippers come as "safety zippers" that won't come undone and will all the beans inside. The more open floor space in a child's room the better. This is where they will make their pretend world, spreading out their toys, dumping Legos, having tea parties with their stuffy animals and friends. They will arrange and rearrange this world everyday. But making this floor space open and useful can be difficult when the youngest child gets the smallest bedroom.

Multipurpose furniture that can change shapes for different needs will be a wise investment for smart parents. I found a great solution to this space problem with my own children - futons. A futon is a comfortable and lightweight couch for sitting during the day - a place you child and their will sit and chatter, or place you and your child to sit and cuddle while reading a book together. At night, they magically become a comfortable bed, off the floor, for your child's overnight guests. Kid futons are relatively inexpensive because there is no need to purchase a separate mattress. Sitting with your child and reading to them has been shown to be one of the best things you can do with your child.

This is a quite time, a time for focusing, relaxing, and relating to each other and to the characters you are reading about in the book. What a great time to draw out the important lessons of life. Reading out loud to your son or daughter stimulates their imagination, expands their vocabulary, and starts them on a life long journey of reading on their own. Getting kids to bed is much easier if they have just been reading than if they have been watching TV or engaged in other high energy or emotion activity.

Tip: leave the TV and computer in family areas where you can monitor what they watch and play, not in the child's bedroom. After reading and its time for sleep, the futon couch will unfold into a cozy and comfortable bed. It is much easier for a child to relax and go to sleep after just having had a loving time reading with mom or dad than one who just watched a fast paced TV program.

The next morning, the child's futon bed easily folds back into being a futon couch and again freeing up all the valuable floor space, allowing your child to once again create their imaginary world all day long. As your child grows the type of furniture that will be useful for your child will change. Bunk beds or futon bunk beds are great space savers of that precious floor space.

Kids can climb on bunk beds, practicing these skills in a safe environment. In pre-teen years, when kids learn to bond with friends outside the family, the sleep-over stage reach it peak, as often as once a weekend. Bunk beds are once again a space saving piece of furniture. And this is the age when kids no longer really want to sleep on the floor.

Futon bunk beds combine a single sized bed on the top and couch on the bottom that folds into a double bed when needed. Rising above the world of disarray and clutter (if you have a son), the futon bunk bed is the ultimate space-save for a child's bedroom. One of the most satisfying furniture investments you can make for you children will be a bunk bed, and especially a futon bunk bed.

Michael Urmann is an author who writes about home furnishings, including kid futons, bunk bed futons, foam furniture, and beanbags for

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