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Bridal Showers with a Theme

Usually the Maid of Honor with the help of the other bridesmaids organizes the bridal shower. The origin of this customs is rather interesting.As the story goes, once upon a time a rich girl wanted to marry a poor man. The father of the bride refused to provide the dowry to set up their home. Therefore, the friends of the girl decided to come together and "shower" the couple with gifts for their new life.

Now days usually the couples get together for a great party. A bridal shower can be based on many themes. A theme provides direction to a party. The invites, décor, favors, gifts and food all reflect the theme. Here are a few themes for a bridal shower.

Remembrance : Each guest brings some token of remembrance that kindles old memories. It can be a photo, a letter or card along with few lines describing the event. These can be assembled together to make an album.

The invite can be pretty and elegant with lots of flowers. Make collages of the photos of the bride and groom. Make posters of any special achievements of the bride and groom.

You can also display pictures of childhood heroes. For the centerpiece, put pictures of the bride and the groom as kids in ornate frames. The party favor can be glass frame coasters having the pictures of the bride and the groom and a thank you note. Baskets : In this theme, the guest brings baskets full of gifts.

You can assign them a specific genre when they RSVP. E.g. kitchen utility items, picnic basket or hobby basket. The invitation can have a picture of a basket full of goodies. The décor will have loads of baskets.

The centerpiece for the tables can be a basket full of flowers. Arrange snacks in baskets around the room. Place a big basket near the bride to keep the gifts. The party favors can be small baskets, filled with chocolates, and packed daintily. Wine and Cheese : Each guest brings two bottles of wine.

Keep a wine rack handy. One bottle is the gift for the bride and goes in this rack. The second can be used for tasting by the guests. Cheese and crackers are always a popular choice to go with it.

For the finger food and dips and spreads it's best to set a seperate table aside. On the invite, put pictures of wine glasses, candles and hearts. For the centerpiece, put two wine glasses filled with water having flowers floating in them.

The room can be decorated with artificial grapes, posters of vineyard and interesting empty wine bottles. You can gift good cheese, packed in a wine bottle shaped container as party favors. Hawaii : This is a very exciting theme for fun loving people. It should be arranged at the beach or by the pool.

The guest should be asked to bring beachwear. The invite will have the printed details encircled by a huge lei garland. Each guest on arrival gets a lei garland to wear. The décor will have green streamers and abundant flowers. Put inflatable, paper or potted palms around. Put a hula skirt around the table.

Let the centerpiece be colorful paper parrot. If you can arrange a few hula dancers, nothing like it. Tropical drinks and matching seafood salads are served. Party favors can be a pack of tea lights in shell motifs. Garden : This theme is great for the nature lovers. A spot in the garden would be ideal.

Bringing the garden into the room with flowers and potted plants is always a possibility. The invitation can depict a potted plant with a single flower painted on it. Gift ideeas here would include garden tools and supplies. Have food with lots of herbs and greens. Put posies of flowers tied with ribbons on the walls. The centerpiece can be a live potted plant.

Another idea would be flower seeds in a decorated packet tied together with a ribbom. So, choose your theme and make it a much-remembered bridal shower.

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