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Amtico Vinyl Flooring the luxurious choice

Amtico Vinyl, the Company Amtico has a long and complex history ? much too complex to address in this article. But to provide a brief overview, Amtico is a brand name once owned by the American Biltrite Corporation. Founded in 1908, American Biltrite Corporation's flooring products were produced by a subsidiary called The American Tile Company. The brand name, "Amtico," is simply an acronym created by combining the first two letters of each word in American Tile Company. Ironically, Amtico is now a British-owned firm headquartered in London. They manufacturer extremely high-quality flooring, and their products are very popular in many markets throughout the world.

Available in a vast array of designs, colors and textures, Amtico offers mixing and matching of designs for a personal touch. Most people think of vinyl flooring as an inferior product compared to say wood flooring or tile. Well that may be true for some vinyl floors but in no way true with Amtico vinyl floors. When choosing Amtico products in many cases you may get a floor that is easier to maintain and can last longer than many other floors costing much more. Amtico Style and Extreme Durability Amtico products are constructed to withstand extreme commercial traffic yet the designs are high-fashion and look dazzling in anything from a vacation cabin up to a multi-million dollar home. You can count on Amtico flooring to be absolutely superior to most all other vinyl floors but what may surprise you is the huge variety of styles and colors to choose from.

It is virtually impossible to tell the difference between Amtico wood plank styles and real wood plank flooring. Imagine a floor that looks exactly like real wood but requires little to no maintenance? Now that's a thing of beauty! The same holds true for Amtico tiles and stone patterns which in some cases looks better than the real thing and are definitely easier to keep clean. Amtico also offers different ways to dress up a normal floor by using borders, inlays and accent strips. This will transform any ordinary looking floor design into something truly extraordinary with a custom created appeal.

Where to use your Amtico Flooring No matter what room in your home needs new flooring, Amtico should be a strong consideration. When you see all the choices they offer, you will discover endless possibilities. Whether you're doing your kitchen, living room, dining room, bedrooms or grand foyer, these products are sure to create a gorgeous look and feel. Please don't forget that Amtico floors are tested tough for commercial use. If you are considering a new floor for your business you want to definitely take a very close look at these products.

We have seen them installed in very high-traffic commercial areas and after years of hard foot traffic still look as good as new. Summary of Amtico Vinyl Flooring Most people we know that see Amtico for the first time are shocked and surprised at how these floors look and perform. Vinyl flooring was a product widely used many years ago and then somewhat forgotten about. Once you discover all Amtico floors have to offer, it's doubtful you would not want to find a place for them in your home. We are proud to represent the Amtico line of fine vinyl floors and hope you see the value in this very unique product as we do.

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