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Vornado HU1-0013-11 Vortex Humidifier Reviews

If you live in an extremely hot place, where the "rain season" means light drizzle mixed with blasting sun and air that's as dry as a heater. Or if you live in an ice cold place -- where the rain season means blizzards and Abominable Snowmen -- mixed with broken lips and a frozen face -- well then, the Vornado HU1-0013-11 Standard 4.2-Gallon Vortex Humidifier is almost specifically made for you.

A humidifier defies humidity, so to speak -- it evaporates water into the room, and by doing so can sooth throats, moisturize dry skin, help congestion, and generally get rid of that feeling like the air in your room has been burned away by the hot, angry sun. The Vortex is quiet -- quiet enough to sleep, read and watch TV while you humidify -- it's also easy to use. Just fill the two 2-gallon plastic bottles with water (the bottles are spillproof, leakproof, even Kryptonite-proof) put them into the machine, set your desired humidity level and voila -- you've got yourself a climate.

Cool in a gadget sort of way, but useful in a helps-control-the-weather sort of way, the Vortex is perfect for people who live in especially dry places and in general, for anyone who's ever had cracked lips for an entire Winter.

As with most humidifiers, the Vortex has one main problem -- that is, it's warm, wet, and is just the perfect place for a newlywed bacteria couple to start a family.  So, be wary of growths and mold and all that fun stuff that tends to grow in wet environments. An easy way to make sure nothing grows is giving the humidifier a good cleaning once a week or so – if you do this, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Besides that, the Vortex does its job perfectly. If a humidifier is what you need, then this one should definitely be at the top of your list.

Things That Make It Special:

* Comes with a 5-year warranty.
* Includes large-capacity storage, humidity control and a three-speed fan.
* Helps soothe dry throats, prevent dry skin, alleviate congestion, and moisturize skin.
* Maintains selected humidity level automatically.
* Can evaporate 4.2 gallons of water in 24 hours at high speed.
* Bedroom-quiet on low speed.
* Can humidify the desert on high speed.

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