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Senseo Single Serve Coffee Machine Reviews

With the faint appearance of a coffee worker bent over to pour coffee into two cups, the Senseo HD7810/65 Single Serve Coffee Machine is a cheap, attractive, and surprisingly well-made machine.

Using a 1450-watt boiler that can brew a 4-ounce cup of coffee in thirty seconds, or two 4-ounce cups (or even one 8-ounce mug) in sixty seconds, the Senseo coffee machine is extremely efficient. With two pod holders -- a shallow holder which holds one coffee pod for one cup, and a deep filter which holds two pods for two cups -- the machine makes the whole coffee making process delightfully simple. Simply pour some water into the reservoir, insert the pods, push “on” and select the brew and size you want -- and you've got yourself some coffee. Users can brew up to five 4-ounce cups per one water fill, and all the parts (pod holders, reservoir, coffee spout, and so on) are dishwasher safe -- making the whole clean-up process as fast as the coffee making process.

The coffee it makes is good. It's not great -- it won't blow your mind or anything, but it's fast, and it's definitely nothing to complain about, especially for a coffee machine that costs less than sixty dollars.

The only two problems we've managed to find are these: the machine can be a bit loud. It's not too big of a deal, but might bother, say, people with hangovers (which, rumor has it, like their coffee.) Secondly, if you want the very best coffee it can make -- there's a bit of prepping involved (load, prime, dump water, re-load, set up pods, brew coffee, dump pods, clean pod holder and so on) which might make the whole process a bit longer than you might like. Of course, all those steps are for coffee overachievers -- if you're looking for good cup of coffee to wake you up in the morning, there's no reason it should take you very long.

For its price, the Senseo's a good buy – it’s great for workaholics, alcoholics, and everyone who loves a good cup of coffee in the morning.

Things That Make It Special:

* Includes 18 coffee pods, mild and medium blends.
* Can make 4-ounce cup of coffee in 30 seconds.
* Auto-off switches appliance off after an hour.
* Parts are dishwasher safe.
* Makes coffee better than you.
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