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Roomba 4210 Reviews

What's cute, sort of resembles a UFO, and cleans your house? If you're thinking a weirdly-shaped housekeeper, you're wrong. The correct answer is iRobot's Roomba -- the most adorable and useful gadget out on the market. Upon their purchase of the Roomba, users will find themselves watching it, intrigued by its activities -- wanting to pet it, maybe feed it, maybe even relate their problems to it -- it has that much personality.

The Roomba 4210 -- the most recent Roomba to hit the market, is still shaped, as previously mentioned, faintly like a UFO. It continues to do what previous Roomba's did -- that is, it'll vacuum your room until it is completely satisfied -- and when satisfaction has set into its little computer brain, it will find its recharging hub, and go to sleep. The Roomba 4210 runs 25% longer with its new upgraded battery, which gives it roughly enough power to vacuum two medium-sized rooms, or one large living room in one go. It also charges 25% faster -- in less than 3 hours, the Roomba's all charged up, and ready to go again.

It's so easy to use, that your kids can use it -- and why do you even need kids, when you have the Roomba? It's just as cute and it picks up after itself. To use, press "Clean." That's it. As soon as clean is pressed, with a sound that sort of feels like it should be followed by, "Chaaarge!" the Roomba begins circling around the room, eating trash and dust, bouncing off walls and getting into even the tightest corners.

The Roomba also comes with a remote control -- allowing users to vacuum without having to get up, and two "Virtual Walls." The virtual walls are small devices that project an invisible laser that the Roomba sees as a wall -- so, if you have a very specific area for the Roomba to stay in, or simply don't want it to vacuum up some wires, just block them off with the virtual walls, and voila.

This little gadget is a godsend. The worst thing we can say about it is that sometimes it gets trapped on chairs, under tables, and so on. This isn't so much annoying as it is adorable, so as long as you check up on it everything 15-20 minutes or so, it'll be fine.

There's really no reason not to buy the Roomba. It's affordable, and it eliminates hours from your house cleaning time. It's just the coolest and most useful device on the market right now -- in a few years, it'll be as necessary as the internet. We mean it, buy it for yourself, buy it for the family, buy it for your friends -- just buy it.

Things That Make It Special:

* It's a robot that cleans.
* Rechargeable APS battery -- which charges faster and runs 25% longer than the standard battery.
* 3 hour charger.
* Includes a Wall Mount to hang the Roomba up when it's resting.
* Includes 2 Virtual Wall units and a remote control.
* Eliminates the need to have children.

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