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Lid Opener Black and Decker JW400 Reviews

It's hard for us to give a very thorough review of the Black &Decker Lids Off Open It All, JW400 Lid Opener -- because, well, it's alid opener -- and as far as lid opener's go, this one opens lids well.

Fairlysmall, with adjustable height, the JW400 opens jars, cans and bottlesat a touch of a button. Just put that can of pickles into the machine,press a button -- and voila -- men are a thing of the past.

Themachine opens everything but the smallest caps, and it does so in aclean, one-sweep sort of motion that makes you want to be young again.It's also fairly attractive, and is a good topic of conversation --what is that, Bobby? It's my lid opener. Why don't you just use yourhands? Because then I'd have nothing to use my lid opener for.

Withan ergonomic handle, the JW400 is actually sort of portable -- meaningif you're ever especially bored, you can take it with you to the storeand open every pickle jar in the building.

On a more seriousnote, this is a great machine for the elderly and generally anyone whohas hand problems. It makes the whole thing easy, and it, dare we say,empowers the user who might struggle for hours trying to open the jarby themselves. If you've got grandparents, broken hands, or are justplain lazy -- the Lids Off JW400 is actually quite useful.

Things That Make It Special:

* Adjustable height.
* Can open jars, cans, and bottles.
* Ergonomic handle.
* Large release button.
* Eliminates the need for hands and males.

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