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Honeywell Quick Steam Warm Moisture Humidifier HWM450 Reviews

Weather is a pesky creature. It does what it wants -- it rains on our parade's, it blazes heat when cold is what we want, and when it is cold, our lips get so chapped that they look like mini-highways. It's for this last thing that the Honeywell HWM450 Humidifier was made – and for much, much more.

The humidifier is used in climates that are specifically too dry for our bodies to handle -- dry heat or dry cold both make breathing and living irritating, which is why the humidifier lets you control your room's (or house's) humidity. How? The "Quick Steam Warm Moisture Humidifier" is built to output roughly 4 gallons of warm steam into the air, chasing away the dry air, and saving your pets, your plants, and yourself from minor to major discomfort.

The humidifier is easy enough to use. A time function allows users to preset periods ranging from an hour to a maximum 18-hour setting, while digital controls and an LCD screen enable the user to either alter or monitor their current preference settings. So, fill it up with water, set your preferences -- and voila, you're humidified.

The humidifier also comes with a medicine cup, allowing you to use it for stuffed noses, sore throats and whatever else that steam can fix.

This little machine is perfect -- especially in places that need it (and you know you need it if you're looking to buy a humidifier.) It's only problem, and you have to expect this from a machine of this nature, is that it's susceptible to growths of bacteria, mold, and other impurities -- simply because it's constantly drenched in water. This is nothing a weekly cleaning won't fix, so make sure you keep cleaning it in case you want a colony to spring up inside your humidifier.

Perfect for those who need it, the Honeywell HWM450 works as advertised and is definitely useful when the environment calls for it.

Things That Make It Special

* Measures roughly 15 by 14 by 10 inches and weighs 6 pounds.
* Reduces static electricity and prevents drying in indoor environments.
* Heats water with a stainless-steel heater.
* Easy to fill, clean, and carry water tank.
* Includes digital controls and LCD display.
* Outputs 4 gallons of moist steam per tank.
* Best when employed in rooms up to 1400 square feet in size.
* Includes medicine cup.
* Humidifies you like you've never been humidified before.

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