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Cuisinart DCC 1200 Coffee Maker

Cuisineart, a company who is attempting to be the Da Vinci of kitchenware, has made a deliciously intelligent, more-or-less okay-looking Coffeemaker. The Cuisineart DCC-1200 12-Cup Brew Central Coffeemaker is so fast it can brew its own long product name in a matter of minutes -- and it looks so plain that the only reason Da Vinci would ever use it is to make some coffee -- which is good, because that's exactly where it excels.

One of the best features of the DCC-1200, is its ability to save you what could potentially be minutes of sleep, with it's Auto-Coffee-Making-Timer-Thingy (not the official feature name, but we'd like it to be). What does the Auto-Coffee-Making-Timer-Thingy do? Pretty much what it sounds like it would. Using a digital clock/timer, the DCC-1200 allows users to program the machine to automatically brew coffee whenever you want it too -- just leave it a cup. Meaning no waking up in the morning to make the coffee, it'll make it for you -- it's like having your very own coffee servant whom you have to clean and decalcify.

The machine can be set to brew either one to four 5-ounce cups or five to twelve cups -- so you can either make some coffee for your family, or make some for your neighborhood -- it's a nice feature. It also uses a Gold Tone filter -- meaning no more ugly paper filters, this one's gold -- and it has indicator-lights showing when it needs decalcification.

While fairly big, the coffeemaker is by no means a tiny machine -- but it makes up for it by making delicious coffee that tastes as close to ambrosia as you can possibly get via a store-bought coffee machine.

With a three-year warranty, and a design that's advertised as "retro" (or, "We didn't feel like making this coffeemaker especially interesting-looking"- style), you're sure to love it -- especially if you like coffee. If you don't, then it also makes a fantastic paperweight and/or weapon.

Things That Make It Special:

* "Retro-style," brushed stainless-steel coffeemaker.
* Brews 12 5-ounce cups of coffee.
* Features include: 24-hour clock/timer for wake-up coffee, brew-pause and programmable shut-off.
* 1-to-4 or 5-to-12-cup brewing options.
* GoldTone filter.
* Uses a charcoal water filter, decalcification indicator and heat-adjustable warming plate.
* 3-year warranty against defects.
* Makes coffee automatically and helps you drink it too.
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